Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recording "The Present Age" in Session & Mix Class

Photo by Jason Dordel
Each Spring semester, we have a group recording class that focuses on taking the skills we have learned and transitioning into full studio tracking and mix projects in a variety of genres. Our first project of the semester has tasked us with recording a song by the band "The Present Age", which consists of students Isaac and Logan Lamers.

Photo by Jason Dordel
Recording this new and original song has tasked us with recording a full drum kit, followed by bass and electric guitar, and will wrap up with adding keyboards and vocals next week. Just a few of the skills that we discuss are understanding signal flow, setting proper gain at the analog mixing console, and routing digitally into Pro Tools.

Photo by Jason Dordel
Each session presents us with the inevitable problems that require us to troubleshoot and determine the source of the issue. Once we have gotten things sorted out, the results have sounded fantastic! Isaac and Logan have impressed us with their musical skill and ability to lay down tracks in a short timeframe. We are looking forward to finishing the tracking and starting work on the mix!

Photo by Jason Dordel

Friday, February 5, 2016

Studio Upgrades in Progress

There has been a lot of work done during the past semester in working toward completing a $14,000 upgrade in the recording studio! The students helped a lot with painting and a number of other projects intended to increase functionality and take advantage of the latest technology. The upgrades in the studio include:
  • An Apple iMac with a dual screen setup
  • Updated software including Pro Tools, Logic, and the Adobe Creative Cloud
  • An Antelope 32-channel audio interface and converter
  • Upgraded fiberglass and foam acoustic wall materials
  • Various new microphones, headphones and cables
  • New studio furniture, curtains and repair tools

Projects thus far have been very successful, and we are looking forward to doing more updates and tweaks in order to turn the studio into a recording powerhouse! Video tour soon to come.