Saturday, April 2, 2016

Special Guests Visit the Recording Studio, Bearing Gifts!

The students were really excited for Wally to visit for an afternoon!
It was a huge treat to be paid a visit last week from program founder Wally Messner and one of his former students, Carlos Lewison. Over the past year, Carlos has been working with another alum, Darron Weasler, in order to have some DBX noise reduction units fixed so that they work with the analog tape machine.

Carlos with one of the nine DBX 150x Noise Reduction units he brought
Not only were they able to get them repaired at a DBX factory, but Carlos visited and delivered the units to us at the studio! Therefore, we took the opportunity to talk to the Care & Repair class about how noise reduction works, and have Wally help to explain how to properly calibrate the analog tape machine.

Wally checks the voltage while Adam makes adjustments on the tape machine
Although digital recording is very prominent in most studios today, there is an increasingly relevant niche for analog recorders and equipment, and having and understanding of that calibration and setup process will only strengthen our student's understanding of signal flow and gain staging. It was a great learning experience for us all!

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