Saturday, March 11, 2017

Recording Class Produces Drum Miking Video

During the Fall 2016 Recording Studio Procedures class, we took on the challenge of recording drums in the choir room next to the studio. Our goal was to capture a professional sound while taking advantage of the acoustics of the room. This gave us the opportunity to experiment in new ways and learn how different microphones affected the tone of the kit.

The band that we recorded was The Present Age, consisting of students Isaac and Logan Lamers. Isaac did a fantastic job performing on drums, and he nailed it in only a few takes. From this experience, we produced a video that documented the process and also shows how the mics were used on each part of the kit. Check it out, and notice the difference between the raw sound of the room and the fully mixed final product:

In the months that followed, the band worked on recording the remainder of the song, and just recently released it as a new single. You can check it out below! We were really thrilled at how well the project turned out. It goes to show that good mic technique and taking advantage of room acoustics can yield fantastic results.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Students Finding Diverse Internship Experiences

Internships are a vital part of the Music Industry program. Students will generally fulfill this requirement at the very end of the program, often traveling to various locations across the country. A number of recent grads have done their internship in Nashville, while others have been to locations in Chicago, various areas of California, and also right here in Wisconsin.

The types of internships have been quite varied. Some have been recording studio positions, while others have been connected with the Music Industry, such as with marketing and promotional companies. Students, faculty, industry professionals and alumni all work together to help students find beneficial and lasting experience that can often lead into a career. Take a look at our "careers" page for more specifics about the experiences of our students and alumni.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Computer Music Lab Gets an Update

The Computer Music Lab in the Arts & Communications building has a full room of iMac lab stations. The lab is an excellent resource for students to utilize recording and composition software such as Pro Tools, Adobe Audition, and Sibelius. It is also used for several classes, including Recording Techniques I and II, as well as Audio for Video.

Over the break, the lab was updated with brand new MIDI keyboard controllers at all stations, as well as Auralex acoustic paneling on the walls. These panels help to reduce unwanted "flutter echo" from the sound reflecting between the walls and improves the overall acoustics of the space.

We are looking forward to doing more upgrades over the course of the next year, but the changes have already provided an excellent acoustic and visual upgrade.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Students Present Recording Projects to Music Students

During a Fall Semester convocation, several students from the Practicum II class presented their recording projects to all of the students in the Music program. Adam Robinson and Dylan Finley did a fantastic job explaining the process by which they captured and mixed the audio in order to create a professional final product. This served as a great opportunity for students to better understand what is behind the recording process, and how the use of signal processing tools can change the final outcome of the mix.

Adam Robinson presents his recording project to music students

Another Practicum II student, Matt "Mackie" Mikunda, was a performer on the song that was presented by Adam Robinson. Matt has also just released a full-length album that includes songs that were discussed in class over the course of the semester. One of the tracks from the album is posted below: