Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Student has unforgettable internship experience with "Gear Gods"

During the Spring semester of 2017, UWO student (and now alum) Isaac Stolzer-Gary landed an internship at the popular metal music-based website "Gear Gods". As a part of his internship experience, he traveled to the National Association of Music Merchandisers conference in Anaheim, California.

"My two main jobs during the NAMM show were to assist with the camera operations, as well as to edit the footage and audio every night that we gathered throughout the day." Isaac wrote in his internship journal, "Overall the NAMM show was an incredible experience. Under the Gear Gods name, I got to meet so many of my favorite guitarists and musicians, and it was truly amazing to be a part of such a supportive community. I really saw how everything is connected in the music industry (from musicians to videographers to business personnel, and everyone in between). At least at NAMM, everyone seemed so supportive of each other and the idea of being passionate about music and music business."

Isaac spent the majority of his time at the Gear Gods internship working on a variety of videos for the website's connected YouTube channel, as well as contributing written articles to the website. The internship serves as a great example of the variety of experience that graduates must bring into Music Industry jobs. Not only was it important for Isaac to have a strong grasp of media editing skills for audio and video, but also requires strong social skills for interacting with musicians, writing skills, a strong sense of organization and the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner.

Ultimately, Isaac finished his internship having completed several dozen important projects. In his final journal entry, he said, "This internship was such an enlightening, helpful, and important experience in my life. I was able to network with so many important people in the music scene, work alongside people I’ve always looked up to, and develop my video, audio, and writing skills even further in a real-world scenario. I opened so many new doors with this internship and solidified tons of connections with people not only in California, but all over the world. To see my work being admired and shared by famous musicians and music industry representatives was so surreal and important to my own career in the industry." Congratulations to Isaac on his accomplishments, and we look forward to following his success in the future.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer Workshops and Visitors in the Studio

Student David Niemi (David Paul Martin) performs as a demonstration for the Boys & Girls Club

Just because it's Summer doesn't mean the that nothing is happening in the studio! Along with some Summer cleaning and student projects, we were excited to welcome some friends to visit and talk about sound and recording!

Posing with teacher Rhex Arboleda during the summer teaching workshop
Wisconsin teachers spent several weeks on campus for a Choral and General Music Licensure Workshop led by Dr. Ken Liske. The teachers were a part of a class on the last day that discussed many aspects of recording and sound reinforcement. One of the goals was to find ways to utilize technology in the most efficient and effective way.

We also had the opportunity to invite the Boys & Girls clubs of Oshkosh and Green Bay to check out the studio and learn about how to produce a song. Student David Niemei assisted by giving a performance demonstration and explaining the recording process. The students had a great time learning in a new environment, and we enjoyed learning about the great work that leaders are doing with the local Boys & Girls clubs. We plan to stay closely connected with them in the future!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Guests Visit and Projects Wrap Up to End the Semester

Students in the Group Recording Sessions class put the final touches on their original recording
The end of the school year is always a busy time of finishing projects, performing in concerts, and cramming in all that can be learned before summer begins. The students in the Practicum and Group Recording Sessions classes made the push to complete their projects, which ranged from a classic hip-hop track to heavy metal, while students in the Music Industry Operations class gave project proposal presentations based on real-world music industry scenarios.

Ryan Romenesko (left) and Morgan Schutz (right) discuss their respective topics with the classes.
We were also excited to invite several guest speakers to our classes. This included a return visit from UW Oshkosh Music alum, Ryan Romenesko. He is currently doing amazing work at "The Refuge", which is an arts foundation and artist residency in Appleton that supports artists and musicians.

Additionally, student Morgan Schultz paid a visit to our Recording Studio Techniques II class and shared tracks from his recent album release. The students were subsequently challenged to remix the tracks and then presented their project later in the semester. The first ever Recording Concert also took place, and was a success! We received excellent feedback and plan to continue to produce concerts each year.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finishing the Year with Many Exciting Concerts and Recitals

There has been a lot going on as we move into the final weeks of the semester. At this time of year, there are concerts and recitals nearly every night, and both students and faculty are keeping very busy. This past Friday, musical guests, "Pulsoptional" were welcomed, which includes Dr. John Mayrose, a composition professor in the Department of Music. They showcased a blend of contemporary and prog rock sounds.

Pulsoptional performs at the Recital Hall

Another great concert was, "Sounds Like Now", which took place in the Priebe Art Gallery on campus. This series is a continuing collaboration between faculty and students. This particular event featured a variety of unique contemporary pieces, one of which included a large 52-page musical score that required the performers move around the room in order to read!

Dr. Dylan Chumura-Moore, Dr. Drew Whiting, and student Logan Lamers performing at the "Sounds Like Now" concert.

Additionally, many students are performing their junior and senior recitals before graduating or starting their internships. One of our Music Industry students and singers, Matthew Mikunda, finished his recital with guests Adam Robinson and Cam Anderson. We always look forward to the students displaying their range of musical talent that they have developed throughout their time in the program.

Students (and soon to be grads) Ryan Lindley (behind piano), Macky Mikunda, Cam Anderson, and Adam Robinson

Lastly, the Music Industry program is excited to be hosting the first ever Recording Concert this Wednesday, April 26, aptly titled, "R1". It will feature 10 songs that were recorded by Majors and Minors in the program, which also feature the talents of many UWO musicians. We are sure to finish out the semester in exciting fashion!