Studio Tour

The UW Oshkosh recording facilities feature the tools that you will find in today's professional recording studios, including the latest in digital technology!

Check out our promotional video to see more of the studio and recording spaces!

Main Studio
Sony MXP-3000 analog mixing console
iMac i7 computer with dual monitor screens
Antelope Orion 32 digital audio interface
Otari 16-track analog tape recorder
Event Studio Precision monitor speakers with subwoofer
Yamaha NS10 monitor speakers
Pro Tools 12, Logic Pro X, and Adobe Audition CC Software

Outboard Equipment
Art Pro Channel Strip
Equalizers including Orban parametric EQ
Urei LA-4 compressors
Compressors by DBX, Aphex, and Alesis
BBE Sonic Maximizer and Aphex Exciter
Various additional vintage outboard gear

Mix Studio
Pro Tools HD 12 system with 32 channel I/O
Mac Pro Tower with SSD and dual monitor screens
Event Studio Precision monitor speakers and subwoofer
5.1 channel surround sound speaker setup
Numerous plug-ins from Waves, Slate, Izotope, and more
Art Pro VLA II compressor
Digitech VTP-1 channel strip
Avid MIDI I/O and various MIDI controllers and synths

Computer Music Classroom
iMac Workstations with M-Audio interfaces and keyboard controllers
Software including Pro Tools, Reason, Sibelius, and the Adobe Creative Cloud
Shure PGA27 condenser microphones

Mic Locker
Neumann KM86i Pair
AKG 414 Pair
Electrovoice PL20 Pair
Studio Projects LSD2
AKG C460 Pair
ADK A51 Pair
Studio Projects C4 Pair
AKG P240
Nady TCM-1150 Pair
Nady TCM-1050

Groove Tubes Condenser
Beyerdynamic Ribbon Pair
Nady RSM-2 Ribbon Pair
AKG D112 Kick

Audix D6 Kick
Various Audix and AKG drum mics
Shure SM57 mics