A degree in the Music Industry can lead to a number of exciting career paths!

Music Industry Program Graduate Alex Root-Roatch
Careers in the music industry range from studio engineering and live sound, to media production, theatre production, music marketing, publishing, arts management, and game design. Here are just some of the great careers that program graduates have pursued:

Spring and Summer 2017 student internships:

Other Recent student Internships and careers 2015-2017:

Careers in Music Business (positions held by program alum)

  • Glen Campbell Publishing: creative director, Criterion Records: song plugger, Country Q: recording studio manager, House of Blues Studios: assistant engineer

Careers in Arts Management

  • Green Bay Symphony, Minnesota Symphony, Weidner Center

Other Careers in the Music Industry

  • AKG Acoustics - Director of Sales for the United States and Mexico, Regional Sales Manager for AKG, JBL, dbx, Soundcraft, UREI, Orban, Quested and Turbosound, Sweetwater Sound Inc., Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Sales Officer

Careers in Music Publishing 

  • Hal Leonard Publishers: printing, sales, and management, J.W. Pepper: music sales management

Careers in Instrument Music Sales and/or Repair

  • Heid Music, Beihoff Music, White House Music, Ward Brodt, and others

Careers with Instrument Manufacturers

  • G. Leblanc Music Corporation: product control and sales representatives, Yamaha Music Corporation: sales representative

Other Careers:

  • Riot Games and Volition (Sound for video games)

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